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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
._. But_CONJ the_D seke_ADJ men_NS be_BEP not_NEG constreyned to_P &tat_D fast_N ._. Also_ALSO this_D book_N constrain (van) nd I 1413
he_PRO asked_VBD me_PRO how_WADV the_D cristene_ADJ men_NS gouerned hem_PRO in_P oure_PRO$ contree_N ,_. and_CONJ I_PRO govern (vbd) rnd I 1413
&tei_PRO ben_BEP all_Q the_D contrarie_ADJ &_CONJ euere_ADV enclyned to_P the_D euyll_ADJ &_CONJ to_TO don_DO euyll_N incline (van) nd I 1413
of_P the_D lond_N of_P Corrodane_NPR &_CONJ he_PRO geuerned it_PRO full_ADV wisely_ADV in_P such_SUCH manere_N &tat_C govern (vbd) rnd I 1413
to_TO speke_VB with_P him_PRO ._. This_D Machomete_NPR regned in_P Arabye_NPR the_D &geer_N of_P oure_PRO$ lord_NPR reign (vbd) nd I 1413
whan_P the_D Pope_N saugh_VBD it_PRO &_CONJ had_HVD examyned it_PRO ,_, &tat_C it_PRO was_BED perfite_ADJ &_CONJ examine (vbn) nd I 1413
be_P daye_N :_, wel_ADV /_, do_DO ._, and be_P ni&gte_N /_, herie_VB god_NPR /_, and_CONJ and (conj) nd L 1340
go_VB to_P the_D parties_NS &tat_C I_PRO haue_HVP nempned before_ADV ,_, but_CONJ for_FOR to_TO see_VB the_D name (vbn) nd I 1413
lond_N of_P Amazoyne_NPR is_BEP an_D Ile_N all_Q envirouned with_P the_D see_N saf_P in_P .ij._NUM places_NS environ (van) nd I 1413
and_CONJ his_PRO$ owne_ADJ knouleche_N ._. But_CONJ he_PRO turned a&gen_ADV from_P &tens_ADV fro_P whens_WADV he_PRO was_BED turn (vbd) rnd I 1413
But_CONJ how_WADV it_PRO semeth_VBP to_P symple_ADJ men_NS vnlerned &tat_C men_NS ne_CONJ mowe_MD not_NEG go_VB vnder_P unlearn (van) rnd I 1413
vndirstondynge_N I_PRO seye_VBP &tus_ADV :_, Be_BEP &ter_EX ymagyned a_D figure_N &tat_C hath_HVP a_D gret_ADJ compas_N imagine (van) nd I 1413
is_BEP full_ADV wel_ADV enhabyted_VAN &_CONJ full_ADV wel_ADV manned ,_. &tere_ADV growen_VBP all_Q maner_N of_P spiceries_NS man (van) nd I 1413
I_PRO did_DOD gret_ADJ besyness_N for_FOR to_TO haue_HV lerned &tat_D craft_N but_CONJ the_D maistre_N tolde_VBD me_PRO learn (vbn) rnd I 1413
For_P als_ADVR moche_Q as_P the_D lond_N be&gonde the_D see_N &tat_D is_BEP to_TO seye_VB the_D beyond (p) nd L 1413
peynes_NS of_P helle_NPR And_CONJ from_P deth_N withouten_P ende ,_, the_D whiche_WPRO was_BED ordeynd_VAN for_P vs_PRO end (n) nd L 1413
the_D myddes_N of_P the_D world_N to_P &tat_D ende &_CONJ entent_N &tat_C his_PRO$ passioun_N &_CONJ his_PRO$ end (n) nd L 1413
and_CONJ be_P ni&gte_N /_, herie_VB god_NPR /_, and bidde_VB ._. ac_CONJ huo_WPRO &tet_C ly&t_VBP a_P and (conj) nd L 1340
a_D gret_ADJ partie_N of_P Ethiope_NPR &torgh_P Amazoyne_NPR Inde the_D lasse_QR &_CONJ the_D more_QR a_D gret_ADJ inde (npr) nd L 1413
out_P22 many_Q othere_OTHER jles_NS &tat_C ben_BEP abouten_P Inde where_WADV dwellen_VBP many_Q dyuerse_ADJ folk_N &_CONJ of_P inde (npr) nd L 1413
after_P it_PRO may_MD best_ADVS come_VB to_P my_PRO$ mynde ._, And_CONJ specyally_ADV for_P hem_PRO &tat_C will_VBP mind (n) nd L 1413
god_NPR be_BEP thonked_VAN ._. And_CONJ &gee_PRO schull_MD vndirstonde &tat_C I_PRO haue_HVP put_VBN this_D boke_N out_RP understand (vb) nd L 1413
&tat_C euery_Q man_N of_P my_PRO$ nacioun_N may_MD vnderstonde it_PRO ._. But_CONJ lordes_NS &_CONJ knyghtes_NS &_CONJ understand (vb) nd L 1413
not_NEG latyn_NPR but_FP lityll_Q &_CONJ han_HVP ben_BEN be&gonde the_D see_N knowen_VBP &_CONJ vnderstonden_VBP &gif_C I_PRO beyond (p) nd L 1413
upbreides_NS ,_, ai&der_CONJ of_P his_PRO$ a&gene_ADJ wiue_N and ec_ALSO of_P his_PRO$ auene_ADJ frienden_NS ,_, of_P and (conj) nd L 1213

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