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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
to_P hers_PRO$ ,_. set_VBP my_PRO$ Nose_N a_P bleeding by_P the_D Strength_N of_P Imagination_N ,_. and_CONJ bleeding (n) ŋg DS 1707
the_D whole_ADJ Church_N my_PRO$ concern_N by_P my_PRO$ endeavouring to_TO hide_VB it_PRO ;_. after_P the_D Sermon_N endeavor (vag) ŋg IS 1707
her_PRO for_P a_D Lover_N ,_. and_CONJ by_P perswading the_D Lady_N that_C I_PRO am_BEP a_P dying_VAG persuade (vag) ŋg IS 1707
perswading_VAG the_D Lady_N that_C I_PRO am_BEP a_P dying for_P her_PRO ,_, the_D Tables_NS are_BEP turn*d_VAN die (vag) ŋg IS 1707
Love_N with_P me_PRO ?_. Arch._NPR $There_EX $*s_BEP nothing in_P this_D ,_, Tom_NPR ,_, without_P a_D no-thing (q&n) ŋg L 1707
translacion_N of_P Seynt_NPR Martyn_NPR ,_, no_Q man_N makyng resistens_N ._. To_P him_PRO cam_VBD anon_ADV Herry_NPR make (vag) ŋg IS 1452
without_P a_D Precedent_N ;_. but_CONJ instead_P&N of_P riveting your_PRO$ Eyes_NS to_P a_D Beauty_N ,_, try_VBI rivet (vag) ŋg IS 1707
do&t_DOP &tat_C in_P hym_PRO is_BEP ,_, wi&t_P helping of_P grace_N ,_, in_P kepyng_N of_P tyme_N helping (n) ŋg DS 1413
&tin_PRO$ herte_N to_P &ti_PRO$ creatour_N ,_. and_CONJ &tenk &tat_C hit_PRO is_BEP gret_ADJ power_N to_TO maken_VB think (vbi) ŋk L 1390
Arch._NPR And_CONJ how_WADV can_MD you_PRO expect_VB a_D Blessing by_P going_VAG to_P Church_N now_ADV ?_. Aim._NPR blessing (n) ŋg DS 1707
how_WADV can_MD you_PRO expect_VB a_D Blessing_N by_P going to_P Church_N now_ADV ?_. Aim._NPR Blessing_N !_. go (vag) ŋg IS 1707
by_P going_VAG to_P Church_N now_ADV ?_. Aim._NPR Blessing !_. nay_INTJ ,_, Frank_NPR ,_, I_PRO ask_VBP blessing (n) ŋg DS 1707
._. Bon._NPR Well_ADV Daughter_N ,_, as_P the_D saying is_BEP ,_, have_HVP you_PRO brought_VBN Martin_NPR to_TO saying (n) ŋg DS 1707
Father_N ,_, $do_DOI $n*t_NEG put_VB me_PRO upon_P getting any_Q thing_N out_RP of_P a_D Man_N ;_. get (vag) ŋg IS 1707
$do_DOI $n*t_NEG put_VB me_PRO upon_P getting_VAG any_Q thing out_RP of_P a_D Man_N ;_. $I_PRO $*m_BEP thing (n) ŋg L 1707
of_P a_D Man_N ;_. $I_PRO $*m_BEP but_FP young you_PRO know_VBP ,_, Father_N ,_. and_CONJ I_PRO young (adj) ŋg L 1707
Father_N ,_. and_CONJ I_PRO $do_DOP $n*t_NEG understand_VB Wheedling ._. Bon._NPR Young_ADJ !_. why_WADV you_PRO jade_N wheedling (n) ŋg DS 1707
I_PRO $do_DOP $n*t_NEG understand_VB Wheedling_N ._. Bon._NPR Young !_. why_WADV you_PRO jade_N ,_, as_P the_D young (adj) ŋg L 1707
&tat_C within_P fewe_Q dayes_NS &te_D noumbir_N of_P fytyng men_NS cam_VBD onto_P lx_NUM &tousand_NUM ._. Than_ADV fight (vag) ŋg IS 1452
!_. why_WADV you_PRO jade_N ,_, as_P the_D saying is_BEP ,_, can_MD any_Q Woman_N wheedle_VB that_C saying (n) ŋg DS 1707
can_MD any_Q Woman_N wheedle_VB that_C is_BEP not_NEG young ,_. you*r_PRO$ Mother_N was_BED useless_ADJ at_P five_NUM young (adj) ŋg L 1707
and_CONJ me_PRO a_D Cuckold_N ;_, as_P the_D saying is_BEP ?_. I_PRO tell_VBP you_PRO his_PRO$ Silence_N saying (n) ŋg DS 1707
Gives_VBP her_PRO a_D Bag_N ._. Two_NUM hundred_NUM Sterling Pounds_NS as_ADVR good_ADJ as_P any_Q that_C ever_ADV sterling (adj) ŋg L 1707
the_D rest_N ,_. and_CONJ here_ADV -_, Three_NUM wedding or_CONJ mourning_N Rings_NS ,_. $*t_PRO $is_BEP much_Q wedding (n) ŋg DS 1707
,_. and_CONJ here_ADV -_, Three_NUM wedding_N or_CONJ mourning Rings_NS ,_. $*t_PRO $is_BEP much_Q the_D same_ADJ mourning (n) ŋg DS 1707

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