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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
&ti_PRO$ God_NPR ._. Alle_Q maner_N of_P bodely_ADJ &ting is_BEP wi&touten_P &ti_PRO$ soule_N &_CONJ bene&te_P it_PRO thing (n) ŋg L 1413
y_PRO shal_MD syngen_VB to_P my_PRO$ God_NPR as_ADVR longe as_P ich_PRO haue_HVP ben_BEN ._. 2_NUM ._. long (adj) ŋg L 1350
&ti-self_PRO$&N in_P kynde_N is_BEP no_Q maner_N of_P &ting bot_P only_FP God_NPR ._. Euermore_ADV where_WADV &tou_PRO thing (n) ŋg L 1413
serue_VB &te_D world_N &tat_C is_BEP &te_D feendis_NPR$ seruaunt ._. But_CONJ in_P al_Q &tis_D speche_N we_PRO servant (n) nt DS 1400
._. And_CONJ &ten_ADV ,_, al_Q after_P &tat_D &ting is_BEP on_P &te_D whiche_WPRO &te_D mi&gtes_NS of_P thing (n) ŋg L 1413
reson_N &_CONJ wille_N ,_, &tei_PRO ben_BEP two_NUM worching mi&gtes_NS ,_. and_CONJ so_ADV is_BEP ymaginacion_N &_CONJ work (vag) ŋg IS 1413
alle_Q bodily_ADJ &tinges_NS ._. &Te_D two_NUM principal_ADJ worching my&gtes_NS ,_, reson_N and_CONJ wille_N ,_, worchen_VBP work (vag) ŋg IS 1413
bo&te_CONJ &te_D self_ADJ reson_N ,_, &_CONJ &te_D &ting &tat_C it_PRO worche&t_VBP in_P ,_, ben_BEP comprehendid_VAN thing (n) ŋg L 1413
God_NPR ,_, and_CONJ resten_VBP us_PRO wi&t_P ful_ADJ likyng &_CONJ consent_N eendli_ADV in_P God_NPR ._. Before_ADV liking (n) ŋg DS 1413
mi&gt_MD not_NEG wille_N be_BE disceyuid_VAN in_P his_PRO$ chesyng ,_, in_P his_PRO$ louyng_N ,_, ne_CONJ in_P choosing (n) ŋg DS 1413
disceyuid_VAN in_P his_PRO$ chesyng_N ,_, in_P his_PRO$ louyng ,_, ne_CONJ in_P none_Q of_P his_PRO$ werkes_NS loving (n) ŋg DS 1413
had_HVD &tan_ADV by_P kynde_N to_TO sauour_VB iche_Q &ting as_P it_PRO was_BED ._. Bot_CONJ now_ADV it_PRO thing (n) ŋg L 1413
&te_D original_ADJ synne_N ,_, it_PRO sauore&t_VBP a_D &ting for_P good_N &tat_C is_BEP ful_ADV yuel_ADJ ,_, thing (n) ŋg L 1413
and_CONJ er&te_NPR ,_, &te_D see_N and_CONJ alle_Q &tynge &tat_C ben_BEP in_P hem_PRO ;_, 5._NUM &Te_D thing (n) ŋg L 1350
._. And_CONJ bo&te_CONJ &te_D wille_N &_CONJ &te_D &ting &tat_C it_PRO wilni&t_VBP &te_D mynde_N contene&t_VBP &_CONJ thing (n) ŋg L 1413
._. And_CONJ bo&te_CONJ it_PRO ,_, &_CONJ &te_D &ting &tat_C it_PRO worche&t_VBP in_P ,_, ben_BEP contened_VAN thing (n) ŋg L 1413
,_, elles_ADV it_PRO wil_MD neuer_ADV sese_VB ,_, sleping or_CONJ wakyng_VAG ,_, for_FOR to_TO portray_VB dyuerse_ADJ sleep (vag) ŋg IS 1413
it_PRO wil_MD neuer_ADV sese_VB ,_, sleping_VAG or_CONJ wakyng ,_, for_FOR to_TO portray_VB dyuerse_ADJ vnordeynd_ADJ ymages_NS wake (vag) ŋg IS 1413
bot_P a_D bodely_ADJ conseyte_N of_P a_D goostly_ADJ &ting ,_, or_CONJ elles_ELSE a_D goostly_ADJ conseyte_N of_P thing (n) ŋg L 1413
elles_ELSE a_D goostly_ADJ conseyte_N of_P a_D bodely_ADJ &ting ._. And_CONJ &tis_D is_BEP euermore_ADV feynid_VAN &_CONJ thing (n) ŋg L 1413
is_BEP a_D mi&gte_N of_P oure_PRO$ soule_N ,_, rechyng &_CONJ regnyng_VAG in_P &te_D bodely_ADJ wittes_NS ,_, reach (vag) ŋg IS 1413
mi&gte_N of_P oure_PRO$ soule_N ,_, rechyng_VAG &_CONJ regnyng in_P &te_D bodely_ADJ wittes_NS ,_, &torow_P &te_D reign (vag) ŋg IS 1413
,_, &torow_P &te_D whiche_WPRO we_PRO haue_HVP bodely_ADJ knowyng &_CONJ felyng_N of_P alle_Q bodely_ADJ creatures_NS ,_, knowing (n) ŋg DS 1413
&te_D whiche_WPRO we_PRO haue_HVP bodely_ADJ knowyng_N &_CONJ felyng of_P alle_Q bodely_ADJ creatures_NS ,_, whe&ter_WQ &tei_PRO feeling (n) ŋg DS 1413
and_CONJ do&t_DOP iugement_N to_P hem_PRO &tat_C suffren_VBP wronge ,_, and_CONJ &geue&t_VBP mete_N to_P &te_D hungerand_VAG wrong (n) ŋg L 1350

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