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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
,_. and_CONJ &tei_PRO sperd_VBD &te_D gates_NS and_CONJ kept &te_D wallis_NS ,_. but_CONJ Richard_NPR$ power_N was_BED keep (vbd) pt I 1452
,_, and_CONJ &tei_PRO circumcided_VBD him_PRO ,_, and_CONJ kept him_PRO in_P secrete_ADJ place_N many_Q dayes_NS ,_, keep (vbd) pt I 1452
kyng_N of_P Frauns_NPR ,_, &tat_C whatsoeuyr_WPRO&ADV&ADV he_PRO dempt ,_, &tei_PRO schuld_MD obserue_VB ._. So_ADV mette_VBD deem (vbd) mpt I 1452
&gere_N of_P &tis_D kyng_N ,_, be_P &te_D precept of_P Charles_NPR ,_, bro&tir_N to_P &te_D kyng_N precept (n) pt L 1452
statute_N was_BED abrogat_VAN ,_, and_CONJ no_Q lenger_ADJR kept ._. Eke_ALSO &tat_D same_ADJ &gere_N &te_D king_N keep (van) pt I 1452
castell_N of_P Mithforth_NPR ,_, wher_WADV he_PRO was_BED kept tyl_P he_PRO had_HVD payed_VBN a_D grete_ADJ summe_N keep (van) pt I 1452
and_CONJ robbed_VBD &te_D abbot_N$ chambir_N ,_. and_CONJ kept it_PRO as_P his_PRO$ in_N ._. He_PRO hatid_VBD keep (vbd) pt I 1452
to_TO be_BE achetid_VAN ;_. his_PRO$ body_N was_BED kept vndir_P tuycioun_N of_P &te_D bischop_N of_P Cauntirbiry_NPR keep (van) pt I 1452
Ser_NPR Hewe_NPR Spenser_NPR &te_D &gonger_ADJR had_HVD wrongfully_ADV kept fro_P him_PRO ._. Than_ADV cam_VBD &te_D qween_N keep (vbn) pt I 1452
._. Whan_P &te_D kyng_N herd_VBD &tis_D he_PRO wept ful_ADV sore_ADV &tat_C his_PRO$ gouernauns_N had_HVD be_BEN weep (vbd) pt I 1452
but_P swech_SUCH as_P is_BEP woue_VAN in_P Ynglond_NPR except &te_D kyng_N ,_, &te_D qween_N ,_, and_CONJ except (p) pt L 1452
men_NS ,_. for_CONJ they_PRO have_HVP often_ADV both_CONJ wares and_CONJ money_N of_P them_PRO ._. But_CONJ for_P ware (ns) rz I 1568
tyme_N but_FP xv_NUM speres_NS ._. Thus_ADV Herry_NPR kept him_PRO in_P &te_D se_N ,_, appering_VAG now_ADV keep (vbd) pt I 1452
was_BED in_P dede_N ,_. risen_VBD ,_. and_CONJ kept &te_D entre`s_NS of_P &te_D innes_NS ,_, &tat_C keep (vbd) pt I 1452
._. Summe_Q othir_OTHERS seide_VBD &tat_C he_PRO was_BED kept fro_P mete_N and_CONJ drink_N whil_P a_D knyte_N keep (van) pt I 1452
and_CONJ treuly_ADV payed_VAN *_* ._. The_D king_N kept Cristmasse_NPR at_P Eltham_NPR ,_. and_CONJ Cobbam_NPR ,_, keep (vbd) pt I 1452
comaunded_VBD London_NPR gates_NPRS to_TO be_BE sperd_VAN and_CONJ kept ._. He_PRO sent_VBD owte_RP eke_ALSO men_NS of_P keep (van) pt I 1452
&tousand_NUM and_CONJ fourty_NUM &tousand_NUM ._. Vitailes_NS were_BED kept fro_P hem_PRO ,_, &tat_C xviii_NUM dayes_NS &tei_PRO keep (van) pt I 1452
skilful_ADJ &ting_N it_PRO is_BEP &tat_C &tou_PRO &geue_VBP acompte of_P it_PRO ;_. for_CONJ it_PRO is_BEP nei&ter_CONJ account (n) mpt L 1413
&te_D dome_N and_CONJ at_P &te_D &geuyng_N of_P acompte of_P dispendyng_N of_P tyme_N ,_, seiing_VAG :_, account (n) mpt L 1413
&tou_PRO seist_VBP ,_, how_WADV schal_MD I_PRO &geue_VB acompte of_P iche_Q $tyme_N diuersly_ADV ;_, I_PRO &tat_C account (n) mpt L 1413
&te_D trewist_ADJS domesman_N and_CONJ &te_D asker_N of_P acompte of_P dispending_N of_P tyme_N ._. Knyt_VBI &tee_PRO account (n) mpt L 1413
,_, &_CONJ alle_Q maner_N of_P pynchers_NS ,_, kept I_PRO neuer_ADV &tat_C &tei_PRO sawe_VBD &tis_D book_N keep (vbd) pt I 1413
Jhesu_NPR Crist_NPR ,_, oure_PRO$ Lord_NPR ,_, hymself_PRO&N wepte for_P the_D deeth_N of_P Lazarus_NPR hys_PRO$ freend_N weep (vbd) pt I 1390
that_C ye_PRO ne_NEG dispise_VBP nat_NEG ,_, ne_CONJ accompte nat_NEG the_D myght_N of_P youre_PRO$ adversarie_N so_ADVR account (vbp) mpt L 1390

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