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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
herte_N ._, effterward_ADV&WARD /_, wre&te_N ._. efterward_ADV&WARD com&t ofte_ADV strif_N ._, efter_ADV wylninge_N of_P wreche_N come (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
._, be_P satisfacioun_N ._, ._. &Te_D ilke_ADJ anlikne&t /_, &tane_D ssrewe_N /_, &tet_C he&t_HVP leuere_ADJR anliken (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
bote_P ase_P me_MAN his_PRO yzy&g&t_VBP /_, o&ter_CONJ yher&t ._. &Tise_D /_, ine_P dede_N /_, o&ter_CONJ hear (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
be_P gauelinge_N ._, hit_PRO of_VBP21 hyealde&t_VBP22 and_CONJ nolle&t hit_PRO na&gt_NEG yelde_VB ._. &Te_D &tridde_ADJ manere_N not-will (neg&vbp(2sg)) I 1340
ine_P guode_ADJ manere_N ofhealde_VB /_, &tet_C he_PRO wyn&t /_, ac_CONJ ssel_MD hit_PRO $yeue_VB uor_P godes_NPR$ win (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
be_P biddingges_NS dreduolle_ADJ /_, o&ter_CONJ ulessliche_ADJ /_, make&t zuo_ADVR moche_Q /_, &tet_C hy_PRO /_, o&ter_CONJ make (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
/_, ine_P &tise_D greate_ADJ $prelates_NS /_, &tet_C benime&t /_, and_CONJ robbe&t_VBP /_, hire_PRO$ onderlinges_NS /_, benim (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
kenne_N ._. and_CONJ yef_P he_PRO /_, enye_Q nim&t :_, &te_D spoushod_N /_, ne_NEG is_BEP na&gt_NEG nim (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
he_PRO /_, o&ter_CONJ hy_PRO /_, &tet_C hi_PRO wylle&t beuly_VB /_, habbe&t_HVP wel_ADV yzed_VBN ._, o&ter_CONJ will (md(2sg)) I 1340
&te_D wreche_N him_PRO uoryet_VBP ._. &te_D scele_N slep&t ._. &te_D ma&ge_N gret_VBP /_. and_CONJ zay&t_VBP sleep (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
&tan_D /_, &tet_C hare_PRO$ zennes_NS okse&t_VBP ._, hyealde&t zuiche_SUCH manere_N /_, and_CONJ mesure_N /_, ase_P hold (vbp(3sg)) ldð I 1340
:_, &tanne_P uor_P &te_D clerkes_NS /_, &tet_C conne&t &te_D writinges_NS ._. &TE_D ZIXTE_ADJ HEAUED_N OF_P can (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
hi_PRO sla&ge&t_VBP hire_PRO$ zaulen_NS ._. uor_CONJ hi_PRO make&t /_, of_P hare_PRO$ wombe_N :_, hare_PRO$ god_NPR make (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
hi_PRO ne_NEG aparceyue&t_VBP na&gt_NEG ._. Vor_CONJ hy_PRO lyese&t &tane_D time_N precious_ADJ ._, huer-of_WADV&P hi_PRO ssolden_MD lose (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
ac_CONJ al_Q &tet_C o&tre_OTHERS do&t_DOP /_, and_CONJ zigge&t :_, altogidere_ADV uayrliche_ADV blamye&t_VBP ase_P ri&gt_ADV na&gt_Q say (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
&Tet_D is_BEP &te_D felliste_ADJS best_N &tet_C me_MAN clepe&t hyane_N ._, &tet_C ondelf&t_VBP &te_D bodies_NS of_P clepe (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
bodies_NS of_P dyade_ADJ men_NS /_, and_CONJ hise_PRO ete&t ._. &Tet_D bye&t_BEP &to_D /_, &tet_C byte&t_VBP eat (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
uerste_ADJ leazinge_N ._. and_CONJ yet_ADV he_PRO hise_PRO make&t /_, and_CONJ tek&t_VBP echedaye_Q&N ._. &Te_D dyeuel_NPR make (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
and_CONJ dem&t_VBP kueadliche_ADV ._. and_CONJ &tet_C he_PRO yzi&g&t /_, o&ter_CONJ &tet_C /_, he_PRO yher&t_VBP :_, see (vbp(3sg)) çθ I 1340
ilke_ADJ &tet_C make&t_VBP &te_D oyle_N /_, &tet_C nim&t &te_D pure_ADJ grece_N :_, and_CONJ let_VBP &tet_D nim (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
onwor&tnesse_N /_, and_CONJ ble&teliche_ADV ._, &tet_C hit_PRO &ting&t /_, &tet_C him_PRO hit_PRO like&t_VBP to_TO zuerie_VB think (vbp(3sg)) ŋgθ I 1340
zuo_ADVR moche_Q &tane_D dya&t_N ._. Vor_CONJ hi_PRO nyte&t huet_WPRO hit_PRO is_BEP ._. ne_CONJ of_P o&terhalf_OTHER&N not-witan (neg&vbp(3sg)) I 1340
ase_P &te_D holi_NPR gost_NPR tek&t_VBP ._, and_CONJ make&t his_PRO$ ychosene_VAN zinge_VB ine_P hare_PRO$ herten_NS &te_D make (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
ham_PRO loke&t_VBP uram_P dyadlich_ADJ zenne_N :_, and_CONJ loke&t holyliche_ADV hare_PRO$ herten_NS ._, and_CONJ hare_PRO$ bodyes_NS look (vbp(3sg)) I 1340
be_P &te_D hal&gen_NS of_P paradis_NPR :_, me_MAN zuere&t be_P ham_PRO /_, and_CONJ be_P god_NPR &tet_C swear (vbp(3sg)) I 1340

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