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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
The_D qween_N sent_VBD him_PRO plesaunt_ADJ giftes_NS and_CONJ clo&tis ful_ADV precious_ADJ ,_. but_CONJ sche_PRO wold_MD not_NEG cloth (ns) ðz I 1452
,_. but_CONJ he_PRO gaf_VBD fauour_N to_P &te_D Scottis and_CONJ not_NEG to_P &te_D kyng_N ;_. the_D scot (nprs) ts I 1452
cause_N ,_, &tat_C he_PRO receyued_VBD of_P &te_D Scottis &tat_D tyme_N xx_NUM &tousand_NUM pound_N ,_, and_CONJ scot (nprs) ts I 1452
leue_N ,_, because_P&N Dauid_NPR ,_, kyng_N of_P Scottis ,_, had_HVD weddid_VBN his_PRO$ sistir_N ._. Than_ADV scot (nprs) ts I 1452
,_, where_WADV &tei_PRO fond_VBD grete_ADJ resistens_N of_P Scottis ,_. but_CONJ a_D fewe_Q of_P oure_PRO$ archeres_NS scot (nprs) ts I 1452
a_D fewe_Q of_P oure_PRO$ archeres_NS occupied_VBD &te_D Scottis til_P oure_PRO$ armed_VAN men_NS were_BED londed_VAN ._. scot (nprs) ts I 1452
&tousand_NUM Englischmen_NPRS had_HVD victorie_N ouyr_P xl_NUM &tousand_NUM Scottis ._. All_Q men_NS seide_VBD it_PRO was_BED Goddis_NPR$ scot (nprs) ts I 1452
and_CONJ not_NEG mannes_N$ hand_N ;_. for_CONJ &te_D Scottis were_BED so_ADVR many_Q -_, and_CONJ Englisch_NPR so_ADVR scot (nprs) ts I 1452
The_D kyng_N ,_, conseyuyng_VAG weel_ADV &tat_C &te_D Scottis were_BED euyr_ADV ontrewe_ADJ ,_, and_CONJ ful_ADJ of_P scot (nprs) ts I 1452
on_P fote_N ,_, where_WADV he_PRO fond_VBD many_Q Scottis &tat_C come_VBD to_TO remeue_VB &te_D sege_N of_P scot (nprs) ts I 1452
&te_D kyng_N grete_ADJ victorie_N ,_, and_CONJ &te_D Scottis grete_ADJ vilonye_N ;_. for_CONJ &tei_PRO fled_VBD all_Q scot (nprs) ts I 1452
nan Scottis ,_, a_D &tousand_NUM and_CONJ iii_NUM hundred_NUM of_P scot (nprs) ts I 1452
xxxv_NUM &tousand_NUM ._. The_D leder_N of_P &te_D Scottis at_P &tat_D tyme_N was_BED William_NPR Kech_NPR ._. scot (nprs) ts I 1452
lay_VBD &te_D qween_N at_P Banborow_NPR ._. Certeyn_ADJ Scottis were_BED sent_VAN to_TO besege_VB &tat_D town_N ,_. scot (nprs) ts I 1452
many_Q pylgrimages_NS ._. The_D same_ADJ tyme_N &te_D prelatis of_P Scotlond_NPR fled_VBD into_P Frauns_NPR ,_, and_CONJ prelate (ns) ts I 1452
&tere_ADV he_PRO sent_VBD for_P &te_D kyng_N of_P Scottis ,_. and_CONJ he_PRO excused_VBD him_PRO &tat_C he_PRO scot (nprs) ts I 1452
ancre_N habben_HV &te_D vttere_ADJ riwle_N after_P hire_PRO$ schriftes red_N ant_CONJ hwet_WPRO se_ADV he_PRO bit_VBP ant_CONJ shrift (n$) ts I 1230
&tat_C he_PRO myte_MD not_NEG come_VB for_P &te_D Scottis had_HVD leyd_VBN certeyn_ADJ awayte_N upon_P him_PRO to_P scot (nprs) ts I 1452
and_CONJ Prothase_NPR ,_, &te_D same_ADJ kyng_N of_P Scottis mad_VBD his_PRO$ homage_N onto_P &te_D kyng_N of_P scot (nprs) ts I 1452
but_CONJ for_P because_P&N tydyngis_NS cam_VBD &tat_C &te_D Scottis were_BED rebelle_ADJ ,_, and_CONJ had_HVD take_VBN Ser_NPR scot (nprs) ts I 1452
had_HVD take_VBN Ser_NPR Richard_NPR Talbot_NPR and_CONJ vi_NUM knytis ,_, &te_D kyng_N with_P his_PRO$ power_N mad_VBD knight (ns) ts I 1452
&tat_D same_ADJ tyme_N was_BED trews_N take_VAN with_P Scottis tyl_P &te_D fest_N of_P Seynt_NPR Jon_NPR Baptiste_N scot (nprs) ts I 1452
and_CONJ so_ADV he_PRO ded_DOD ,_. but_CONJ &te_D Scottis feyned_VBD &tat_C &tei_PRO wold_MD haue_HV pees_N ._. scot (nprs) ts I 1452
,_, be_P &te_D consent_N of_P all_Q &te_D statis of_P &te_D parlement_N ,_, &tat_C &te_D power_N state (ns) ts I 1452
,_, makie_VB na_Q ma_QR uuz_N of_P feste_ADJ biheastes ._. For_CONJ hwase_WPRO&ADV nime&d_VBP &ting_N on_P $honde_N behest (ns) sts I 1230

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