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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
the_D seid_VAN fyrste_ADJ day_N of_P June_NPR nexte_ADVS co~mynyng to_TO be_BE geven_VAN had_HAN or_CONJ graunted_VAN ,_, convene (vag) ŋg IS 1533
persons_NS by_P the_D Kynges_N$ Highnes_N for_P the_D shotyng in_P crose_NS21 bowes_NS22 or_CONJ handgonnes_N&NS or_CONJ for_P shooting (n) ŋg DS 1533
crose_NS21 bowes_NS22 or_CONJ handgonnes_N&NS or_CONJ for_P the_D usyng or_CONJ kepyng_N of_P the_D same_ADJ contrary_ADJ to_P using (n) ŋg DS 1533
or_CONJ handgonnes_N&NS or_CONJ for_P the_D usyng_N or_CONJ kepyng of_P the_D same_ADJ contrary_ADJ to_P the_D forme_N keeping (n) ŋg DS 1533
Statutes_NS made_VAN and_CONJ provyded_VAN of_P and_CONJ for_P avoydyng and_CONJ restraynt_N of_P shotyng_VAG in_P crossebowes_NS or_CONJ avoiding (n) ŋg DS 1533
of_P and_CONJ for_P avoydyng_N and_CONJ restraynt_N of_P shotyng in_P crossebowes_NS or_CONJ handegunnes_N&NS ,_, or_CONJ of_P shoot (vag) ŋg IS 1533
any_Q of_P theym_PRO ,_, or_CONJ for_P the_D usyng and_CONJ kepyng_N of_P the_D same_ADJ ,_, be_BEP using (n) ŋg DS 1533
theym_PRO ,_, or_CONJ for_P the_D usyng_N and_CONJ kepyng of_P the_D same_ADJ ,_, be_BEP frome_P henseforth_ADV keeping (n) ŋg DS 1533
cam_VBD hom_N to_P Itaile_NPR and_CONJ broute_VBD &te_D kyng graunt_N of_P his_PRO$ will_N ,_, &get_ADV he_PRO king (n) ŋg L 1452
suyte_N or_CONJ informacion_N conceyved_VAN co~mensed_VAN and_CONJ nowe_ADV dependyng for_P any_Q offence_N don_DAN contrary_ADV to_P the_D depend (vag) ŋg IS 1533
any_Q estatute_N made_VAN or_CONJ provyded_VAN for_P the_D shotyng in_P crose_NS21 bowes_NS22 and_CONJ handegunnes_N&NS not_NEG repeled_VAN shooting (n) ŋg DS 1533
handegunnes_N&NS not_NEG repeled_VAN ,_, and_CONJ for_P the_D kepyng of_P the_D same_ADJ ,_, $shall_MD $be_BE good_ADJ keeping (n) ŋg DS 1533
Provided_VAN alway_ADV that_C this_D Acte_N or_CONJ any_Q thyng therin_ADV&P conteyned_VAN be_BEP not_NEG in_P any_Q wise_N thing (n) ŋg L 1533
prejudiciall_ADJ to_P any_Q person_N or_CONJ persons_NS now_ADV being that_C here_ADV after_P $shall_MD $be_BE appoynted_VAN by_P be (vag) ŋg IS 1533
shote_VB in_P crosebowes_NS or_CONJ handgonnes_N&NS only_FP for_P provyng and_CONJ assaying_N of_P them_PRO ._. Provyded_VAN alwayes_ADV proving (n) ŋg DS 1533
crosebowes_NS or_CONJ handgonnes_N&NS only_FP for_P provyng_N and_CONJ assaying of_P them_PRO ._. Provyded_VAN alwayes_ADV that_C in_P assaying (n) ŋg DS 1533
the_D See_N and_CONJ other_OTHER townes_NS or_CONJ holdes_NS standyng uppon_P the_D see_N cost_N or_CONJ $apon_P any_Q stand (vag) ŋg IS 1533
it_PRO $shall_MD $be_BE lefull_ADJ to_P ev~y_Q man_N dwellyng in_P any_Q suche_SUCH townes_NS and_CONJ holdes_NS to_TO dwell (vag) ŋg IS 1533
and_CONJ holdes_NS to_TO kepe_VB in_P theire_PRO$ houses_NS being within_P the_D same_ADJ townes_NS or_CONJ holdes_NS ,_, be (vag) ŋg IS 1533
withinne_P a_D litil_ADJ tyme_N aftir_P &tat_D &te_D king deied_VBD sodeynly_ADV ,_, whos_WPRO$ soule_N a_D holy_ADJ king (n) ŋg L 1452
defence_N of_P the_D seid_VAN townes_NS and_CONJ houses_NS being in_P the_D same_ADJ townes_NS as_P for_FOR to_TO be (vag) ŋg IS 1533
and_CONJ $fore_P none_Q other_OTHER cause_N ;_, any_Q thyng comprised_VAN or_CONJ expressed_VAN in_P this_D pr~ent_ADJ Acte_N thing (n) ŋg L 1533
in_P this_D pr~ent_ADJ Acte_N to_P the_D cont=a=ry_ADJ notwithstondyng ._. Provyded_VAN also_ALSO that_C yf_P any_Q person_N notwithstanding (adv) ŋg DS 1533
sekire_ADJ deucyone_N ._. Eftir_P &tis_D sall_MD &tou_PRO thynke howe_WADV &tat_C he_PRO es_BEP large_ADJ :_. and_CONJ think (vb) ŋk L 1440
offence_N or_CONJ forfaytis_NS ,_, that_C yf_P the_D Kyng our_PRO$ Soveraigne_ADJ Lorde_N hys_PRO$ heires_NS or_CONJ successours_NS king (n) ŋg L 1533

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