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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
by_P report_N That_C good_ADJ Ga~mer_NPR Gurton_NPR was_BED robde in_P thys_D sorte_N ,_, He_PRO quyetly_ADV perswaded_VBD rob (van) bd I 1546
,_, Owen_NPR Glendouerdewe_NPR and_CONJ his_PRO$ Welchmen_NPRS ,_, robbed ,_, burne_VBP ,_. and_CONJ destroy_VBP the_D Countreys_NS rob (vbd) bd I 1580
&te_D emperoures_N$ meny_N ,_, take_VAN ,_, and_CONJ robbid of_P al_Q &tat_C he_PRO had_HVD gote_VBN in_P rob (van) bd I 1452
sche_PRO deyed_VBD ._. Aftir_P &tis_D &te_D kyng_N dubbid his_PRO$ son_N knyte_N ,_, and_CONJ many_Q o&tir_OTHER dub (vbd) bd I 1452
of_P houshold_N went_VBD into_P &te_D cuntre*_N and_CONJ robbid pore_ADJ men_NS ._. So_ADVR mech_Q hungir_N grew_VBD rob (vbd) bd I 1452
of_P healing_N of_P the_D stone_N which_WPRO is_BEP ascribed vnto_P Galen_NPR ,_, and_CONJ iudged_VAN of_P manye_Q ascribe (van) bd I 1568
host_N &tat_C cam_VBD with_P &te_D king_N were_BED robbid be_P northen_ADJ men_NS and_CONJ Walschmen_NPRS withoute_P mercy_N rob (van) bd I 1452
By_P Jack_NPR Oates_NPR is_BEP morrally_ADV meant_VAN many_Q described like_ADJ him_PRO ;_, though_P not_NEG fooles_NS naturall_ADJ describe (van) bd I 1608
selfe_N whom_WPRO I_PRO haue_HVP discride_VBN ,_, or_CONJ describde ,_, these_D sixe_NUM parts_NS of_P folly_N in_P describe (vbn) bd I 1608
is_BEP plainlie_ADV seen_VAN ,_, how_WADV learning_N is_BEP robbed of_P hir_PRO$ best_ADJS wittes_NS ,_. first_ADV by_P rob (van) bd I 1566
:_, a_D countenance_N ,_, not_NEG werishe_ADJ and_CONJ crabbed ,_, but_CONJ faire_ADJ and_CONJ cumlie_ADJ :_, a_D crabbed (adj) bd I 1566
,_, which_WPRO in_P great_ADJ veneration_N ,_, was_BED ascribed to_P the_D ancient_ADJ Hermes_NPR ;_, the_D power_N ascribe (van) bd I 1605
,_, whereby_WADV&P humane_ADJ knowledge_N is_BEP confined_VAN and_CONJ circumscribed :_, and_CONJ yet_ADV without_P any_Q such_SUCH contracting_N circumscribe (van) bd I 1605
of_P Clement_NPR the_D seuenth_ADJ ,_, so_ADVR liuely_ADV described by_P Guicciardine_NPR ,_, who_WPRO serued_VBD under_P him_PRO describe (van) bd I 1605
HIS_$ SPHERIQUES_NS ._. Hauing_HAG heere_ADV before_ADV plainely_ADV described vnto_P you_PRO the_D tables_NS of_P Sines_NS made_VAN describe (vbn) bd I 1597
the_D firmament_N is_BEP diuided_VAN by_P the_D spaces_NS described in_P the_D Zodiaque_NPR ,_, and_CONJ appointed_VAN to_P describe (van) bd I 1597
of_P the_D Circles_NS both_CONJ greater_ADJR and_CONJ lesser_ADJR described in_P the_D Spheare_N ,_, are_BEP made_VAN to_TO describe (van) bd I 1597
of_P the_D Sun_N by_P the_D instrument_N before_ADV described ,_, or_CONJ rather_ADVR by_P some_Q true_ADJ Ephemerides_NS describe (van) bd I 1597
a_D banyshed_VAN ma~_N ,_, and_CONJ spoyled_VAN and_CONJ robbed of_P thy_PRO$ own_ADJ proper_ADJ goodes_NS ,_, and_CONJ rob (van) bd I 1556
goodnes_N to_TO be_BE desyred_VAN that_C maye_MD be_BE ascrybed to_P the_PRO :_, wherefore_WADV&P art_BEP thou_PRO sorye_ADJ ascribe (van) bd I 1556
they_PRO departed_VBD from_P Ravenna_NPR towne_N at_P the_D prescribed daye_N ,_, they_PRO should_MD be_BE driven_VAN out_RP prescribe (van) bd I 1593
bred_VAN up_RP under_P thy_PRO$ Discipline_N ,_, and_CONJ imbibed thy_PRO$ Precepts_NS ._, So_P that_C it_PRO is_BEP imbibe (vbn) bd I 1695
now_ADV I_PRO am_BEP ,_, at_P last_ADV ,_, robbed of_P my_PRO$ Estate_N ,_, spoiled_VAN of_P mine_PRO$ rob (van) bd I 1695
a_D graue_ADJ and_CONJ learned_ADJ Phisition_N ,_, who_WPRO prescribed her_PRO an_D order_N of_P dyet_N ,_, with_P prescribe (vbd) bd I 1602
present_ADJ daunger_N that_C might_MD ensue_VB ,_, hee_PRO prescribed foorth_ADV21 with_ADV22 that_C his_PRO$ Apothecary_N should_MD make_VB prescribe (vbd) bd I 1602

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