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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
preste_N ,_, for_FOR to_TO synge_VB messe_N ,_, aand for_FOR to_TO mynystre_VB &te_D Sacramentes_NS of_P Haly_ADJ and (conj) nd L 1440
h&afedd_N prest_N tatt_C wass_BED |_LB |_LB Off_P Aarones chilldre_NS ,_, |_LB |_LB &Tatt_C ta_ADV bi_P aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
&_CONJ ta_D twa_NUM prestess_NS w&arenn_BED |_LB |_LB Aarones suness_NS ba&te_Q ._. |_LB |_LB &_CONJ talde_D&ADJ aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
arke_N weren_BED the_D .x._NUM commandementes_NS &_CONJ of_P Aarones &gerde_N &_CONJ of_P Moyses_NPR$ &gerde_N with_P the_D aaron (npr$) nz I 1413
king_N &tohhwhe&t&tre_ADV |_LB |_LB Nass_NEG&BED nohht_NEG off_P Aaroness kin_N |_LB |_LB $Ne_CONJ $off_P Aaroness_NPR$ birde_N aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
ummbe_P ,_, |_LB |_LB Wass_BED &tuss_ADV off_P Aaroness kinn_N ,_, |_LB |_LB &Tohh_ADV se&g&g&t_VBP &te_D aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
uss_PRO se&g&g&t_VBP so&t_ADJ boc_N |_LB |_LB Off_P Aaroness chilldre_NS ._. |_LB |_LB &_CONJ o_P &tatt_D aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
weress_NS o&t&tr_CONJ off_P wifess_NS |_LB |_LB Wi&t&t_P Aaroness kinness_N$ menn_NS |_LB |_LB Off_P si&tre_N w&arenn_BED aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
off_P Aaroness_NPR$ kin_N |_LB |_LB $Ne_CONJ $off_P Aaroness birde_N ,_. |_LB |_LB &_CONJ forr_P &tatt_C aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
wif_N ,_, &tatt_C wass_BED |_LB |_LB Off_P Aaroness dohhtress_NS ;_. |_LB |_LB &_CONJ &gho_PRO wass_BED aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
Elysab&a&t_NPR wass_BED an_D wifmann_N&N |_LB |_LB Off_P Aaroness dohhtress_NS ._. |_LB |_LB &_CONJ Aaron_NPR wass_BED aaron (npr$) nz I 1200
multitude_N ._. 28_NUM And_CONJ Moses_NPR toke_VBD off_RP Aarons clothes_NS and_CONJ put_VB them_PRO apon_P Eleazer_NPR his_PRO$ aaron (npr$) nz I 1530
believe_VB ,_, that_C because_P&N I_PRO am_BEP the_D abandoned mistress_N of_P a_D king_N ,_, I_PRO esteem_VBP abandoned (adj) nd I 1668
._, Shewing_VAG ,_, that_C a_D man_N neuer_ADV abandoneth euill_N ,_, vntill_P hee_PRO abandon_VBP euill_ADJ companie_N abandon (vbp(3sg)) I 1591
,_, they_PRO weakely_ADV yielded_VBD ,_. and_CONJ ,_, abandoning both_CONJ-1 their_PRO$ creditt_N and_CONJ cause_N ,_, gave_VBD abandon (vag) ŋg IS 1612
woymen_NS !_. *_* Then_ADV was_BED scho_PRO gretly_ADV abaschot of_P &tys_D metyng_N ._. For_CONJ &ter_EX was_BED abash (van) ʃt I 1488
spirite_N ,_, _ Dowtyr_N ,_, be_BEI not_NEG abaschyd for_P &tis_D man_N ,_. he_PRO schal_MD levyn_VB abash (van) ʃt I 1450
informyd_VBD hir_PRO so_ADVR wondyrfully_ADV &tat_C sche_PRO was_BED abaschyd to_TO speke_VB it_PRO or_CONJ telle_VB it_PRO to_P abash (van) ʃt I 1450
._. _ Sche_PRO was_BED sumdel_Q&N heuy_ADJ &_CONJ abaschyd &terof_ADV&P &_CONJ &terfor_ADV&P sche_PRO ,_, syttyng_VAG stille_ADJ abash (van) ʃt I 1450
,_, suffyr_VBI it_PRO paciently_ADV &_CONJ beth_BEI not_NEG a-baschyd &terof_ADV&P ._. _ &Te_D good_ADJ frer_N went_VBD abash (van) ʃt I 1450
_ &Tan_ADV stod_VBD &te_D monke_N stylle_ADV sumdel_Q&N a-baschyd ,_. &_CONJ sythen_ADV he_PRO seyd_VBD ,_, _ abash (van) ʃt I 1450
hym_PRO in_P the_D deuyls_NPR$ raymente_N was_BED sodenly_ADV abashyd |_. and_CONJ sparryd_VBD the_D dore_N agayn_ADV |_. abash (van) ʃt I 1526
be_BE gone_VBN ._. This_D gentylman_ADJ&N tha~_ADV meruelously_ADV abashyd callyd_VBD vp_RP his_PRO$ chapleyn_N |_. and_CONJ made_VBD abash (van) ʃt I 1526
fader_N comyth_VBP ._. Thys_D gentylman_ADJ&N sode~ly_ADV therwyth_ADV&P abashyd wolde_MD haue_HV pullyd_VBN hys_PRO$ hed_N out_RP of_P abash (van) ʃt I 1526
|_LB which_WD answere_N made_VBD the_D gentylman_ADJ&N so_ADVR abashyd that_C he_PRO had_HVD not_NEG one_ONE worde_N to_TO abashed (adj) ʃt I 1526

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