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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
&_CONJ eac_ALSO cildes_N$ moder_N ._. &Tehhwe&dere_ADV ne_NEG fullcum&d n&afre_ADV nan_Q to_P &t&are_D m&ar&de_N ,_, &tt_C fullcome (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
beon_BEP d&alnymende_NS &turh_P his_PRO$ mildheortnysse_N ._. We_PRO wylle&d eow_PRO nu_ADV $bi_P sum_Q d&al_N gereccen_VB emben_P will (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
munekes_NS &_CONJ te_D gestes_NS al_Q &tat_C heom_PRO behoued &_CONJ heold_VBD mycel_Q carited_N in_P the_D hus_N behove (vbd) vd I 1150
god_N to_TO donne_DO ,_, &_CONJ eft_ADV hit_PRO forl&ate&d ,_, &_CONJ gecerre&d_VBP to_P &tan_D yfele_N ._. forlet (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
minstre_N ._. &Ta_ADV feorden_VBD &te_D wise_ADJ men_NS betwyx &te_D kinges_N$ freond_NS &_CONJ te_D eorles_N$ freond_NS between (p) ks L 1150
,_. &_CONJ &ta_D gehale_N he_PRO gef&astne&d_VBP on_P strenc&de ._. His_PRO$ weorc_NS synden_BEP ,_, swa_ADV ,_, strength (n) ŋgθ LD 1150
,_. &_CONJ sone_ADV &tear_ADV wear&d_VBD munec_N &_CONJ liuode si&d&don_ADV fif_NUM dagas_NS ;_. &_CONJ he_PRO wear&d_VBD live (vbd) vd I 1150
._. Me_MAN dide_DOD cnotted_VAN strenges_NS abuton_P here_PRO$ h&aued &_CONJ uuryhten_VBD it_PRO &dat_C it_PRO g&ade_VBD to_P head (n) vd L 1150
dide_DOD mare_QR yuel_N &tanne_P god_N :_. he_PRO reuede &te_D landes_NS &_CONJ l&aide_VBD micele_Q geldes_NS on_RP reave (vbd) vd I 1150
._. &Tus_ADV earmlice_ADV w&as_BED &tone_D abbotrice_N gifen_VAN betwix Cristesmesse_NPR$&NPR &_CONJ Candelmesse_NPR&NPR at_P Lundene_NPR ._. &_CONJ betwixt (p) ks L 1150
._. &Ta_ADV com_VBD he_PRO to_P &tis_D lande_N betwyx Natiuitas_NPR Sancte_NPR Marie_NPR &_CONJ Michaeles_NPR$ messe_NPR ._. between (p) ks L 1150
,_, &tohuuethere_P &tat_D ,_, here_PRO$ sandes_NS feorden_VBD betwyx heom_PRO &_CONJ hi_PRO tog&adere_ADV comen_VBD ,_. &_CONJ between (p) ks L 1150
ferden_VBD &te_D &arcebiscop_N &_CONJ te_D wise_ADJ men_NS betwyx heom_PRO &_CONJ makede_VBD &dat_D sahte_N &dat_C te_D between (p) ks L 1150
;_. &_CONJ sib_N &_CONJ s&ahte_N sculde_MD ben_BE betwyx heom_PRO &_CONJ on_P al_Q Engleland_NPR ._. &Tis_D between (p) ks L 1150
sculde_MD ben_BE lauerd_N &_CONJ king_N wile_P he_PRO liuede &_CONJ &after_P his_PRO$ d&ai_N ware_BED Henri_NPR king_N live (vbd) vd I 1150
ouer_P s&a_N ;_. &_CONJ al_Q folc_N him_PRO luuede ,_. for_CONJ he_PRO dide_DOD god_ADJ iustice_N &_CONJ love (vbd) vd I 1150
se_D Scotte_NPRS$ kyng_N Dauid_NPR &_CONJ eall_Q &da_D heaued ,_, l&ared_VAN &_CONJ l&auued_ADJ ,_, &tet_C w&as_BED head (ns) vd L 1150
&_CONJ eall_Q &da_D heaued_NS ,_, l&ared_VAN &_CONJ l&auued ,_, &tet_C w&as_BED on_P Engleland_NPR ._. &_CONJ lewd (adj) vd I 1150
&tas_D landes_NS ,_. for_CONJ &auric_Q man_N sone_ADV r&auede o&ter_OTHER &te_C mihte_MD ._. &Ta_ADV namen_VBD his_PRO$ reave (vbd) vd I 1150
ne_NEG dide_DOD ne_CONJ na_Q god_N &d&ar_ADV ne_NEG l&auede ._. Ne_NEG &tince_VBP man_MAN na_NEG sellice_ADJ &tet_C law (vbd) vd I 1150
god_ADJ clerc_N &_CONJ god_ADJ man_N &_CONJ w&al_ADV luued of_P &te_D king_N &_CONJ of_P alle_Q gode_ADJ love (van) vd I 1150
._. &_CONJ Nu_ADV is_BEP abbot_N &_CONJ fair_ADV haued begunnon_VBN :_. Xpist_NPR him_PRO unne_VBP $&tus_ADV enden_VB have (vbp(3sg)) vd I 1150
dune_RP of_P his_PRO$ hors_N &_CONJ alehte_VBD hine_PRO betwux his_PRO$ earmes_NS &_CONJ let_VBD hine_PRO beran_VB ham_N betwixt (p) ks L 1150
Normandie_NPR ._. &_CONJ Weax_VBD &ta_ADV micel_Q unfri&d_N betwux him_PRO &_CONJ hise_PRO$ &teignas_NS ,_, swa_P &tet_C betwixt (p) ks L 1150
heo_PRO gr&amige&d_VBP God_NPR ._. On_P swylcen_SUCH wisen_N &tegne&d se_D deofol_NPR ure_PRO$ Drihtene_NPR ._. Hwu_WADV &tegne&d_VBP theinen (vbp(3sg)) I 1150

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