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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
w&are_BED ,_, hire_PRO gehulpe_VBD mid_P &t&are_D godcunden_ADJ str&ang&de &te_C heo_PRO on_P him_PRO wyste_VBD ,_, &te_C strength (n) ŋgθ LD 1150
h&ale_N ,_, &_CONJ sum_Q yfel_ADJ mann_N h&af&d_HVP erm&de &_CONJ n&afte_N &_CONJ unh&al&de_N ?_. For_P &tan_D earmdu (n) rmθ L 1150
&dat_C his_PRO$ nefe_N sculde_MD ben_BE abbot_N in_P Burch :_. oc_CONJ Crist_NPR it_PRO ne_NEG uuolde_VBD ._. burch (npr) rtʃ L 1150
&Tehhwe&dere_ADV ne_NEG fullcum&d_VBP n&afre_ADV nan_Q to_P &t&are_D m&ar&de ,_, &tt_C heo_PRO &tone_D ilca_ADJ sune_N gebere_VBP mirth (n) LD 1150
&tan_D &truwe_N ,_, swa_ADV swa_P Matheus_NPR us_PRO s&ai&g&d ._. &At_P &tan_D fifte_ADJ si&de_N ,_, he_PRO say (vbp(3sg)) χθ I 1150
his_PRO$ cl&archade_N biscop_N on_P Scesscuns_NPR ;_. si&d&dan_ADV war&d he_PRO munec_N on_P Clunni_NPR ,_, &_CONJ si&d&don_ADV worth (vbd) L 1150
&_CONJ on_P ealle_Q westme_NS swa_ADVR micel_Q untime_N wear&d swa_C hit_PRO ne_NEG w&as_BED feola_Q gear_NS &ar_ADV worth (vbd) L 1150
mid_P ealle_Q unrihte_N :_. &arost_ADV man_MAN hem_PRO ber&afo&d her_PRO$ eahte_N and_CONJ si&t&don_ADV man_MAN hem_PRO ofsl&a&d_VBP bereave (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
&after_P his_PRO$ &ariste_N ?_. Swa_ADV swa_P we_PRO &gelefe&d ,_, he_PRO wunede_VBD on_P &t&are_D eor&dlicen_ADJ neorxenewan&ge_NPR believe (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
eall_Q gelumpe_VBP ,_, &tt_C &anig_Q h&afde_HVD &ta_ADV ge&dinc&de ,_, &tt_C heo_PRO mihte_MD m&aden_N beon_BE &_CONJ thought (n) ŋgθ D 1150
hellepinen_NPR$&NS ._. Ac_CONJ &ta_D gode_ADJ m&ann_NS &te_C habbe&d pine_N on_P &tyssen_D middenearde_NPR ,_, for_P &tan_D have (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
his_PRO$ moder_N ,_, swa_ADV swa_P Sedulie_NPR us_PRO s&a&g&d ._. &At_P &tan_D &tridden_ADJ si&de_N ,_, he_PRO see (vbp(3sg)) χθ I 1150
rice_ADJ mann_N on_P helle_NPR &te_C &tt_D godspell_NPR gemun&d ,_. &_CONJ for_P &t&are_D f&agere_ADJ wifmanna_N&N$ lufen_N i-mune (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
beran_VB ham_N to_P his_PRO$ inne_N ;_. &_CONJ wear&d &ta_ADV sone_ADV dead_ADJ ;_. &_CONJ man_MAN ferode_VBD worth (vbd) L 1150
,_. &_CONJ for_P &ta_D swinglen_NS ,_, heo_PRO gebide&d frofre_N &_CONJ blisse_N ._. Hwy_WADV aras_VBD ure_PRO$ bid (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
,_, &_CONJ for_P &tan_D gebytlen_NS ,_, heo_PRO habbe&d weoremes_NS &_CONJ hellepinen_NPR$&NS ._. Ac_CONJ &ta_D gode_ADJ have (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
heom_PRO &_CONJ hi_PRO tog&adere_ADV comen_VBD ,_. &_CONJ wur&de s&ahte_ADJ ,_, &to&t_P it_PRO litel_Q forstode_VBD ._. worth (vbd) L 1150
rihte_N ._. Ac_CONJ &tet_D ofercom_VBD Rome_NPR &tet_C ofercume&d eall_Q weoruld_N -_, &tet_D is_BEP gold_N &_CONJ overcome (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
&te_C &t&ar_ADV inne_P stica&d_VBP ,_. &_CONJ heo_PRO beswic&d to_P dea&de_N ._. Eall_Q swa_ADV &ta_D rice_ADJ beswike (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
&taget_ADV22 gew&arre_ADJ &t&as_D angles_NS &te_C &t&ar_ADV inne_P stica&d ,_. &_CONJ heo_PRO beswic&d_VBP to_P dea&de_N ._. stick (vbp(3sg)) I 1150
&tone_D wintre_N ._. On_P &des_D ilces_ADJ geares_N wear&d swa_ADVR micel_Q flod_N on_P Sancte_NPR Laurentius_NPR$ messed&aig_NPR worth (vbd) L 1150
ne_CONJ for&den_VB to_P hire_PRO$ ge&danca_N nan_Q ungelefed_ADJ h&ame&de ,_. &_CONJ for_P &tan_D &te_C m&age&dhad_N stranglice_ADV ha:med (n) L 1150
swa_ADVR fela_Q swa_P him_PRO &tuhte_VBD he_PRO sende_VBD nor&d &_CONJ su&d_N to_P hise_PRO$ casteles_NS on_P heftnunge_N north (n) L 1150
on_P *_* Sancte_NPR Marie_NPR$ messed&ai_NPR ,_, &ta_ADV wear&d swi&de_ADV micel_Q wind_N fram_P &ta_D undern_N d&aies_N$ worth (vbd) L 1150
yfel_ADJ mann_N h&af&d_HVP erm&de_N &_CONJ n&afte_N &_CONJ unh&al&de ?_. For_P &tan_D h&at&d_HVP ure_PRO$ Drihten_NPR gety&ded_VBN unhealth (n) D 1150

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