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Left Context Plain Word Right Context Word Lemma Cluster Morphological Status Date
and_CONJ to_TO try_VB to_TO persuade_VB him_PRO to_TO act ,_, with_P spirit_N and_CONJ vigour_N ,_, with_P act (vb) kt L 1708
I_PRO will_MD only_FP mention_VB one_ONE particular_N ,_, which is_BEP very_ADV remarkable_ADJ and_CONJ pretty_ADV extraordinary_ADJ ,_, which (wpro) L 1708
Attorney_N General_ADJ and_CONJ Mr._NPR Eyres_NPR Solicitor_N ,_, which ,_, I_PRO believe_VBP ,_, has_HVP been_BEN owing_VAG which (wpro) L 1708
,_, and_CONJ to_TO empower_VB his_PRO$ Council_N to_TO act for_P him_PRO ._. It_PRO would_MD be_BE tedious_ADJ act (vb) kt L 1708
Ireland_NPR ,_, and_CONJ ,_, what_WPRO is_BEP so_ADVR much desired_VAN by_P all_Q honest_ADJ people_NS ,_, the_D much (q) L 1708
was_BED pleased_VAN to_TO make_VB a_D proposal_N ,_, which was_BED as_ADVR ridiculous_ADJ as_P it_PRO shewed_VBD the_D which (wpro) L 1708
or_CONJ he_PRO to_P Lord_NPR Treasurer_NPR of_P any_Q such proposal_N ._. This_D extraordinary_ADJ proceeding_N has_HVP been_BEN such (such) L 1708
will_MD then_ADV do_DO all_Q reasonable_ADJ things_NS ,_, which they_PRO will_MD never_ADV do_DO whilst_P they_PRO hope_VBP which (wpro) L 1708
point_N ,_, and_CONJ save_VB our_PRO$ Country_N ,_, which I_PRO think_VBP is_BEP in_P as_ADVR great_ADJ danger_N which (wpro) L 1708
that_D was_BED that_C there_EX should_MD be_BE an_D Act of_P Parliament_N obtained_VAN to_TO allow_VB the_D Prince_N act (n) kt L 1708
are_BEP all_Q of_P a_D piece_N ,_, as_ADVR much tory_NPR ,_, and_CONJ as_ADVR wrong_ADJ as_P if_P much (q) L 1708
be_BE Lord_NPR High_NPR Admiral_NPR is_BEP Lord_NPR Pembroke_NPR which would_MD open_VB a_D redress_N for_P Ireland_NPR ,_, which (wpro) L 1708
comes_VBP all_Q will_MD be_BE set_VAN right_ADV ,_, which by_P the_D way_N $can_MD $not_NEG be_BE much_Q which (wpro) L 1708
which_WPRO by_P the_D way_N $can_MD $not_NEG be_BE much before_P Christmas_NPR ._. To_P this_D the_D Lords_NS much (q) L 1708
Chancellor_N ,_, and_CONJ that_C he_PRO had_HVD entirely_ADV approved of_P it_PRO :_. Lord_N Chancellor_N since_ADV has_HVP approve (vbn) vd I 1708
They_PRO have_HVP upon_P the_D best_ADJS consideration_N among_P themselves come_VBN to_P this_D resolution_N and_CONJ opinion_N ,_, themself (pro(pl)) lvz I 1708
for_FOR them_PRO ,_, with_P any_Q reputation_N to_P themselves or_CONJ safety_N to_P the_D public_ADJ ,_, to_TO themself (pro(pl)) lvz I 1708
against_P the_D Court_N ,_, which_WPRO they_PRO are_BEP resolved to_TO do_DO in_P this_D first_ADJ point_N of_P resolve (van) lvd I 1708
have_HVP to_TO declare_VB against_P the_D Court_N ,_, which they_PRO are_BEP resolved_VAN to_TO do_DO in_P this_D which (wpro) L 1708
has_HVP been_BEN owing_VAG to_P the_D vigour_N with_P which those_D Lords_NS spoke_VBD to_P Lord_NPR Treasurer_NPR ,_, which (wpro) L 1708
Letter_N ,_. but_CONJ as_P I_PRO have_HVP been_BEN forced to_TO omit_VB a_D great_ADJ many_Q particulars_NS for_P force (van) rst I 1708
he_PRO has_HVP ,_, George_NPR Churchill_NPR will_MD in_P effect be_BE always_ADV Lord_N High_ADJ Admiral_N ;_, so_P effect (n) kt L 1708
present_ADJ posture_N of_P our_PRO$ affairs_NS ,_, in_P which they_PRO hope_VBP what_WD steps_NS they_PRO have_HVP made_VBN which (wpro) L 1708
the_D late_ADJ Invasion_N ,_, the_D disposal_N of_P Church Preferments_NS ,_, ._, they_PRO are_BEP all_Q of_P church (n) rtʃ L 1708
I_PRO am_BEP ever_ADV ,_, with_P the_D greatest_ADJS respect ,_, My_PRO$ Lord_N ,_, Your_PRO$ Grace*s_N$ most_QS respect (n) kt L 1708

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